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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The New Old Brewery
this is the second painting I finished recently from photos I took many years ago.  Finally discovered that it is the remains of an old Brewery at Trempeleau, WI.  You can tell I had a great time doing it.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Find the Bird

" Find the Bird "
is the name of this , my newest painting. I took the photo I worked from a long time ago but until now I did NOT see the bird in this .  It really inspired me to do the painting. It IS a view from the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi river just North of where I live.  It will be fun to see how many find it without a hint : )  
We just had the 13th annual Bluff Country Studio art tour the last weekend in April and NOW we have SNOW!! It is NOT inspiring me .  I am leaving my work up in my studio/garage until the end of May when I have to pack for a show at the Paradise Art center in Fairbault ,MN  and I do have shows lined up through the year.  I also went back to doing fine art portraits of people . I received a grant to paint portraits of 5 women from the history of the area and they are a permanent part of the History Center collections.  I started out drawing and painting people and I am glad to pick it up again. I really Am going to attempt to keep UP with my blog on a weekly basis.